Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Former Foster Youth from Contra Costa County In Need

You wouldn't think that people who work in schools would try to buy an RV for a homeless mother, but we are. It would be amazing if you click this link and donate $5. 

She is a former foster youth from Contra Costa County, CA.  She does not use drugs or alcohol and is a loving mother who would do anything to protect and care for her children.  Because her children are young, and have special needs (autism) it has been difficult for her to maintain steady employment.   

The Mt. Diablo HOPE School Social Workers have unturned every stone, but we can't find shelter or stable housing for a family her size (one baby boy, a girl (6) and two boys 7,9).  This is why we are attempting, on our own, to obtain a mobile home / RV for her.   

Funding will cover the cost of a used RV.  It's not ideal, but it will provide temporary shelter until she's back on her feet.   When life is predictable, children have less anxiety and do better in school.    

Even a $1 donation will help to raise awareness, and give her hope.   

Pay it forward.  
Please post this, email, or text your friends to spread the word.

(See the gofundme site to donate HERE)

Yours truly, 

Vivica Taylor, MSW
Derek Wang, LCSW 
James Wogan, LCSW
(Independently of our work with Mt. Diablo Unified HOPE) 
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