Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spectrum Siblings Support Group

Spectrum Strategies is offering a Spectrum Siblings Support Group (flyer available click here):

2950 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

2950 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Spectrum Strategies is a grass roots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

striving to provide community support to families of children with

Project 1 – Spectrum Siblings Support Group
Our preliminary survey of young adults who grew up in a household with a sibling with Autism

revealed that the emotional needs of the neuro-typical sibling has often gone unrecognized.

Siblings reported feeling that their Autistic brother or sister received “all the attention;” they

perceived a constant demand to marginalize their own wishes and to behave in a way so as not to

be the source of additional burden; they felt socially isolated. Over time, these pressures led to

depression, anxiety, loneliness and desperation sometimes resulting in destructive behaviors (e.g.

drug use, truancy) in adolescence. When asked if a support group of other autism siblings may

have been helpful, the overwhelming response was “Yes.”


In cooperation with a trained and experienced psychologist, we offer a 6-week program for

siblings, aged 9-12 years old, of children with Autism to meet in a small support group of 4-8

participants for 1.5 hours each session. The session will consist of structured play activities and

discussion specifically designed for the participants. (In the future, we strive to host a second

support group consisting of siblings aged 13-16.)

When: 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month from 6:45-8:15

Where: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 4000 Clayton Road, Concord

Cost: $120 for the full 6 sessions ($20 per session) to be paid as a tax-deductible donation at

the time of the first session (or in advance) to Spectrum Strategies.

Start/End Date: TBD either 2/26-5/14/2015 or 3/12-5/28/2015
*After the conclusion of the 6-week program, Spectrum Strategies will host a swim party around

the first weekend of June 2015 for the participating siblings.

Please contact Lucia Kanter St. Amour, Founder and Executive Director of Spectrum Strategies
at lucia@spectrumstrategies.org with the following information:

*Participant’s name, age, and name and age of sibling with Autism; number of other children in

the household.

*Name and contact information (telephone, email, home address) of parents or guardian of the


*Any additional information you would like to share.
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