Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Do children outgrow learning disabilities?

By Barbara Mader from

Most learning disabilities manifest when a child nears school age. Some may show earlier, like some speech/language delays, which may later be diagnosed as an auditory processing or other language related learning disability. Other learning disabilities may not manifest as obviously until practical application is needed, such as math computation or reading comprehension.

Parents worry about overall life implication and if their child will outgrow a learning disability. The short answer is- no. Learning disabilities cannot be outgrown since they are neurologically based. Just like growing one’s hair longer won’t change the overall curliness or straightness of it, getting older won’t change the neurological make-up of the brain. What can happen with early diagnosis of a learning disability is educational and/or therapeutic intervention, which can retrain the brain to compensate for, cope with, or learn new strategies to reach the desired end product a non-learning disabled brain can reach through conventional teaching.

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