Thursday, November 7, 2013

What You Need to Know About IDEA 2004: Present Levels of Functional Performance & Functional Goals in IEPs

By Pat Howey, Paralegal and Advocate Member of the Wrightslaw Speakers Bureau

Question: Help! Our child's IEP team refused to include functional goals in the last IEP. When we said we would have to request another IEP meeting to resolve this issue, they agreed to include a few functional goals. I am afraid this will happen again. What can I do?

Answer: Since history tends to repeat itself, you are wise to think this may happen again. Write a polite thank you letter that describes what you requested, what you were told about not including functional goals in the IEP, and what the school finally agreed to provide. Your letter should include relevant information about your child's unique needs and your concerns. To learn more about this strategy, read Preparing for IEP Meetings: Providing Information & Sharing Concerns.

You need to learn the new legal requirements for present levels of functional performance and functional goals in IEPs. Do not assume that your child's IEP team is knowledgeable about these requirements.

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