Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Training May Help Autism Moms Reduce Stress

Training mothers of children recently diagnosed with autism to problem-solve may go a long way toward reducing stress levels among these parents, researchers say.
With just six sessions of one-on-one training, a new study finds that moms were much less likely to report significant parental stress.
The finding published online Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics is meaningful, researchers say, because several studies have found that mothers of children with autism often experience high levels of stress and depressive symptoms.
For the study, researchers looked at 122 mothers of children who were just diagnosed with autism. Of them, 59 moms were provided six sessions of a training known as problem-solving education or PSE, while the others were only offered traditional assistance which focused on therapies and interventions for their kids.
In cases where training was provided, interventionists worked one-on-one with the mothers during 30- to 45-minute sessions to identify a source of stress and find practical solutions using a series of defined steps.
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