Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fears of a Mother of a Special Need’s Child

By Autumn Green from All In Need, Family Support

Yaakov, my eleven year old who has Aspergers, was invited over to a friend’s house. He has known this child for a couple of years, but today was their first play date. I was so excited for him to have yet another experience of friendship and be able to experience being at a friend’s house.

As I dropped him off for a two hour play date, I did let the boy’s father know that Yaakov is on autism spectrum. He may not talk to you, but he isn’t being disrespectful give him time and he will break through his wall.

An hour later, I received a call from the boy’s father. “I don’t think your son is doing okay.” My first thought is he lost it and his anger is out of control. But, no it wasn’t that, he had gotten sick and thrown up. The father reported that they were playing a driving game on Xbox, and asked if he got motion sickness. I said yes, but never from a video game. I said it could be his anxiety that caused it too.

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