Friday, October 26, 2012

Get to Know the CAC Membership and Publicity Committee

Membership and Publicity Committee

What is your committee all about?

We are responsible for recruiting members that reflect the community that this SELPA serves.  We stay in contact with CAC secretary and chairperson regarding vacancies and the role of the person needed to fill the vacancy (parent, teacher, etc.)  It is also our role to provide newspaper and media with information regarding the CAC and inservice activities.

What is the goal of your committee?

At the beginning of each school year we will review our goals for the coming year.  This year we will focus on increasing parent attendance at CAC meetings, and increasing CAC membership.  We also want to improve communication to parents at each school site.

How does your Committees Work benefit special education students?

We want to increase parent participation and involvement with CAC.  The CAC is a valuable resource for parents where information is shared, and where parents can provide input on system issues they see in the district.  We feel that if more parents know about the CAC, and attend CAC meetings, they are better informed and better able to support their child with special educational needs.

Any info on meetings?

We generally meet monthly during the school year.  Days and times vary, based on members’ schedules, so contact a committee member for details. 

Are you looking for more participation?  How can I be involved?

We would absolutely welcome more participation.  There are three of us serving on this subcommittee currently.  Having an additional member would bring in fresh ideas and things to consider, as well as help carry out the tasks we have committed to doing.  

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