Thursday, May 31, 2012

All in Need, Family Support Register for events today!

The mission of All in Need, Family Support is to provide support to families with children, ages 18 and under, that have special needs in the East Bay Area. By offering respite care in a nurturing and learning environment; promoting social interaction, gross and fine motor activities all in a sensory based atmosphere. Visit their webpage.

Respite Events 

We want to provide you with a little calm in the storm—a little relief from the pressure that starts to weigh you down. Our respite care program gives you the chance to take care of yourself, so in turn you can take better care of your children.

Bring your child with special needs to our respite program, and they will spend three hours in a nurturing and learning environment under the supervision of our trained volunteers (in a one-to-five volunteer to child ratio). These sessions promote social interactions and allow children to participate in gross and fine motor activities in a sensory-based atmosphere. Click here for more information or go here to register.
Social Classes 
Social Groups are offered for children 8 to 16 years of age. The goal for our social groups is to give children an opportunity to participate with their peers during an age appropriate activity, while building friendships and socializing in a supportive, nurturing environment. A Social Group event would include an activity such as Game Night or outings like bowling, going out to lunch, soccer at the park, or other group activities.
During these AiN social events, the children will be encouraged to interact and share with their peers. AiN’s ultimate goal for the Social Groups is for these children to develop social skills and build friendships that extend outside of the AiN structure.For more on June's events. Click here for more information or go here to register.

If you have any questions contact Autumn Green, AiN Founder at or call at 925-257-4246
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