Saturday, January 21, 2012

Proposed DSM-5 Changes and Autism: Ed vs. Med

By Dennise Goldberg Featured, Special Education Advisor Blog

If the Proposed DSM-5 changes have the effect predicted by the New York Times article, New autism definition may exclude many, study suggests, then these changes will cause a huge upheaval in the lives of many families who struggle with Autism every day. According to the New York Times Article:

Hundreds of thousands of people receive state-backed special services to help offset the disorders’ disabling effects, which include learning and social problems, and the diagnosis is in many ways central to their lives.

The diagnosis of autism is unfortunately the gateway to many state and medical services. In an ideal world it shouldn’t matter what the label is, if the child has a need for services they should be able to access those services. As we all know we don’t live in an ideal world. While the diagnosis of Autism is the gateway to state and medical services it does not work that way in Public Schools. You see there is a HUGE difference between a medical diagnosis of autism and an educational definition of autism. Before I expand on this point let’s look at the proposed changes.

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