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Lorrie Davis, CAC Chairperson ,Addresses The Board Of Education. Please Submit Your Comments And Concerns To The Board Members

Here is the text of Lorrie Davis', CAC Chairperson,address to the MDUSD Board of Education members on 6/28/11 regarding Item #15.26. You are encouraged to write to the Board members (and cc the Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Brown) with any questions or concerns you might have.

"I agree we must approve this item to pay for the mandated AB 3632 mental health services; however, I am concerned with the statement in the first paragraph written under the Summary section which states:

For 2010/11 the cost of AB 3632 services was budgeted at $4.8 million. Under current information received from the CDE, we anticipate receiving $3.4 million for the 2011/12 budget cycle, and $2.1 million annually after that. Therefore, the Special Education department is committed to determine reductions in the overall special education budget including the new requirements that districts are being mandated to absorb because AB 3632 was repealed, to ensure additional longer term financial pressures are not placed on the general fund.

This statement is very disturbing. How can staff guarantee they will find $1.4 million in special ed. reductions?

I understand the State has chosen to shift the responsibility of providing AB 3632 services from the County to School Districts without full funding and I applaud the board for understanding how important it is to fund this mandated program; however, why is the special ed. department responsible for absorbing the excess cost, requiring them to reduce services for all of our other special needs students?

With all the cuts special ed. has received, how can staff guarantee they will find $1.4 million in reductions? There is no where else to cut.

School Districts are under a mandate to serve all students with special needs. You cannot uphold the mandate for one group over another.

We cannot pick and choose which special ed. students will be served and which services we will provide.

In regards to financing the projected $1.4 million in excess costs, these are difficult times but the money needs to come from somewhere.
• This year, the board approved a budget in the amount of $2,428,189. Three weeks ago we received additional funding to assist with providing the new services; therefore, we spent only $8,509. The savings of over $2.4 million dollars
($2,419,680) can cover the $1.4 million projected excess cost for next year.
• For future years, according to the School Services of California dartboard, between the 2012-13 and 2015-16 fiscal years, our district will receive over $600,000each year in additional AB 602 funding; therefore, by the 2015-16 fiscal year, our special ed. funding will increase by over $2.4 million ($2,462,922).This information has already been shared with staff.

Fiscal Year Funded COLA Funding Increase
2010-11 P-2 0.00% 19,797,027.00
2011-12 0.00% 19,797,027.00 0.00
2012-13 3.20% 20,430,531.86 633,504.86
2013-14 2.70% 20,982,156.22 551,624.36
2014-15 2.90% 21,590,638.75 608,482.53
2015-16 3.10% 22,259,948.56 669,309.80

Total Increase in Funding $ 2,462,921.56

School Districts are under a mandate to serve all students with special needs.

Reductions already imposed on the special ed. program has created concern as to whether the district is fulfilling their legal obligation in providing FAPE.

It is important that we continue to make decisions that ensure mandated services are not compromised for any student."

Item 15.26

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