Thursday, May 19, 2011

Capturing the essence of an IEP Meeting with humor Continue reading on Capturing the essence of an IEP Meeting with humor

By Robin Hansen from the Special Education Examiner -

Have you ever tried to explain what an IEP meeting is like to a friend or a relative who had no clue of the special education world? Show them the video posted here. Two moms have put their heads together and created a humorous but scarily truthful short video about the “typical” IEP meeting. I have posted my favorite video here, but more fun and games await you on the website

Gina (Terrasi) Gallagher and Patricia (Terrasi) Konjoian who are also sisters are among the growing number of parents raising children with disabilities. Tired of listening to parents brag about their “perfect children” and never asking about theirs, the sisters decided to seek therapy by writing a book. So in 2006, they self-published their first book, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!

Gina and Patricia’s website contains fun short videos, humorous writings and their stories of how they came to deal with being the parents of “non perfect” (by stereotypical standards) children. Even though the material is being presented in a comedic style, there is an undercurrent of pain. “Special education” parents have to learn to laugh at the absurdity they are presented with on a daily basis by “school professionals,” otherwise they would cry. We learn to stay strong because our kids need us because we are the only ones who will stand by them. To learn more, click here.

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