Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CAC Recommendations on the MGT Report

Last night MGT of America presented the report on their independent study of special education and section 504 to the MDUSD Board of Education (BOE). No action was taken. The report was made available to the Community Advisory Committee on special education (CAC) on Friday afternoon and the CAC met on Monday night to study the report and put together recommendations for the BOE. Last night the CAC presented their recommendations and concerns to the BOE. The recommendations are:


1. The CAC recommends that the Board of Education accept the MGT report but not implement any recommendations until a task force, comprised of a representative group of parents and staff, develop an appropriate implementation plan and time line.

2, The CAC recommends that the Board of Education exercise extreme caution when considering the implementation of recommendations included in the MGT report that have unclear outcomes with respect to their impact on student success or district finances.

3. The CAC recommends that the board request a written response from MGT in response to the CAC’s concerns/questions regarding the MGT Report as outlined in the 3/1/10 CAC meeting notes and as volunteered by Patti Davis, MGT Representative.

4. The CAC recommends that the board work with our Asst. Supt. of Pupil Services/Special education and staff to determine possible reductions that would have the least direct impact on our students.

Read the questions and concerns noted at the CAC meeting HERE.
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The difference between the MGT independent study and the self review conducted earlier in the year is explained HERE.

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