Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is a Transition Plan?

What is an ITP?
An Individual Transition Plan (ITP) is an IEP student's map to life after high school. It lists the goals, steps and services needed for the student to transition successfully from school to the adult world. The first step towards an ITP is for the IEP team to complete a Transition Planning Interview with the student to identify the student's transition needs and goals. The team then develops an ITP that supports and outlines the steps towards the goals. The ITP is part of the students' IEP.

What can be in the ITP?
Student Information
Student's post graduation goals
Interests, strengths, and career goals
Self-advocacy, interpersonal, social and independent living goals
Activities that support the goals
School and post-school services that support goals
Notice of rights a year before reaching Age of Majority

Goals can include:
Post-secondary education
Vocational training
Independent employment
Supported employment
Continuing and adult education
Independent living
Community participation

Services and activities that can support goals:
Related services
Community experiences
Employment and adult living objectives
Daily living skills
Coordination with other agencies that serve students with disabilities

Who participates in an ITP meeting?
The student, IEP team (including parents/guardians) and representatives of any agency likely to provide transition services to the IEP.
Agencies can include:
Community Colleges
County Mental Health Services
Department of Rehabilitation
Employment Development Department
Regional Centers
Regional Occupational Programs

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