Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the new CAC Board

Connie Warner is the CAC chair and parent or two Mt Diablo graduates. Connie serves on the CAC, because she is deeply concerned with the education and outcomes of special education students. As a parent she is committed to support parents who have a difficult time dealing with the needs of their children.

Lorrie Davis is the CAC Vice Chair and parent of a Mt. Diablo student. Lorrie serves on the CAC because she wants to learn about the district's special education programs/services, be informed about changes in special ed. law and understand how these changes affect our children with special needs. She works with parents and district staff on issues/concerns specific to our district so we can be an effective CAC group in advising the district /board so all of our students with special needs will receive the highest quality education.

Dorothy Weisenberger is the CAC Parliamentarian and parent of one Mt Diablo graduate and three students. Dorothy serves on the CAC because she wants to help other people who have questions regarding special education or need help communicating their child's needs. She also wants to stay informed and understand all the special education programs.

Maria Grosskopf is the CAC Secretary and parent of three Mt Diablo students. Maria serves on the CAC because she wants to understand special education within the district and work collaboratively for a better outcome for all students.
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