Saturday, November 29, 2014

Video - Basics of Special Education Law with guest speaker Robert J. Borrelle, Jr., - Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

From Stephen W. Dale - Dale Law Firm

This is part of a series of program done by the Golden State Pooled Trust for professionals that work with the Golden State Pooled Trust called the Essentials of Disability Planning. The objective is that we at the Golden State Pooled Trust believe that attorneys and advisors that work with persons with disabilities and their families should have a basic understanding of issues that affect their clients including IDEA, the ADA, the Lanterman Act any other laws or needs that might affect their clients. Even though these are meant for professionals – these videos are useful for families and persons with disabilities as well. 
I must say Robert did a great job during today’s webinar – I think this is the most comprehensive overview of Special Education law I have ever listened to. Also – for those of you in states other than California (probably freezing) – this is applicable nationally. 

Also – to view other videos – see . One of particular interest for families with a child with a developmental disabilities – this video should be of particular interest. -

Lastly – if you are interested in learning more – email

Information on Free On-Line Essentials of Disability Advocacy Webinars for Professionals HERE.

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