Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Fun without the Sun!

Looking for something fun to do that doesn't require SUNSCREEN! HEAT EXHAUSTION! SUN FATIGUE!  If you're anything like me you are tired of putting sunscreen on your children countless times as they run around and you get overheated with the outdoor activities of summer, they are fun but the sun can be tiring.  Well in looking for something else to entertain my children this summer I remembered something cheap, well actually mostly free, indoors, great for our children and entertaining.  Check out your LOCAL LIBRARY for their schedule of summer activities.  The calendar is full of fun and exciting activities that can entertain your children while staying cool.  The activities on the schedule are good for a range of ages, interests and abilities.  You can also check out books from the library for FREE, or just visit and read them while you are there.  Find your local library and their schedule of activities today. 
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