Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ten Myths about High Functioning Autism and Sensory Integration Disorder

This article (part 1 in a series of three) addresses common myths about Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) or Sensory Dysfunction (SD). The experiences, insights and opinions of over 150 individuals with high functioning autism (HFA) were gathered by the author as the basis for this article.

Treat Sensory Issues Before Addressing Socialization and Communication? YES!

Of all the characteristics associated with autism, people on the spectrum consistently state that understanding and addressing how their bodies interpret sensations is one of the most beneficial things that neurotypicals (people without autism) can do to be supportive and develop insight into the world of high functioning autism (HFA).

Although people on the autism spectrum have been saying it for several years, treating sensory issues first is a relatively new concept for autism professionals who are typically accustomed to addressing socialization and communication difficulties before and sometimes to the exclusion of sensory problems.
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