Saturday, January 18, 2014

AC Transit Seeks Volunteers For Potential Openings on Accessibility Advisory Committee

To ensure that its transit services are used and easily obtainable by all members of the public, AC Transit is seeking volunteers to fill potential openings on its Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) during 2014.  Today the District appealed for applications from people interested in volunteering their input by serving on the committee as advocates for seniors and disabled bus riders.
The AAC, consisting of 14 members, typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month to address concerns about—and implement and enhance—AC Transit’s programs and services as related to seniors and people with disabilities. The committee was established specifically to review policies and procedures, as well as comment and advise the District and its seven-member Board of Directors on all matters related to bus accessibility.
Citizens appointed to serve on the committee shall serve a term of one (1) year beginning March 1, 2014.  In addition, qualified applications received during this recruitment will be used to fill any mid-term vacancies that occur during the year.   In an effort to maintain a diversified panel representative of people who are seniors, people with varying disabilities and of diverse ethnic backgrounds, two committee members will be appointed by each Director. 
Qualified applicants must use AC Transit’s fixed-route service, be a senior or individual with a disability and/or represent such groups, and be willing to devote the necessary hours to attend meetings.  Along with identifying problems and offering probable solutions and ideas, prospective applicants should also have respect for others, be open to hearing divergent points of view, and commit up to six (6) hours a month to committee-related work.
If interested, applications can be obtained from and returned to the District Secretary’s Office, 1600 Franklin Street, 10th Floor, OaklandCalifornia 94612 or by calling (510) 891-7201. Completed applications also can be faxed to: (510) 891- 4705 or emailed to All applications must be returned to the District Secretary by January 31, 2014. 

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