Sunday, September 1, 2013

Special EDition: August 2013 - Back to School, Again

From Disability Rights Education & Defense (DREDF)

School has started and those back-to-school calls are pouring in to DREDF's Parent Training & Information Center. This month we're reprising an oldie but goodie Back-to-School issue of our Special EDition. Enjoy!

The start of the school year brings anticipation and excitement for many students—and sometimes a little relief for parents and caregivers! For students with disabilities and their families, excitement about new friends and a new classroom is often tempered with apprehension:

  • Will my child receive the accommodations she needs? 
  • Will her new teacher understand my child's special needs? 
  • Will my child continue to build on the success she achieved last year? 
In this newsletter, we offer tips for approaching the new school year to ensure a productive school year.

New School Year, New Start
  • Gather Your Child's School Records 
 It's helpful to keep copies of all school records: cumulative records, grades, progress reports, tardies/absences, special education records, health records, discipline records, and any others that may be kept by the district. You'll also want copies of any assessments your child has taken and your child's IEP/504 plan.

If you don't have a good set of records, write a letter to request "any and all" records, so that your files are up to date. In California, the school district must provide records to you within five business days. For those of you who don't live in California, check with your localParent Training & Information Center.

Once you've received copies of your child's records, organize them by date. This will help you to see trends and identify which accommodations and strategies have worked for your child in the past.

When shopping for school supplies pick up a binder and anything that will help you to keep the records organized.

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