Sunday, September 15, 2013

Learn to Implement Music to Address Areas of Deficit

By Nicole Schomas, LBS I from Special-Ism

I was the kid who knew every song on the radio. My astute father, my songwriting mentor, once firmly stated, “Now imagine if those lyrics meant something. Imagine if they could be useful.”

In my adult life I found myself staring at the beautiful face of a child with autism–my son–who had a lot of strengths, and a lot of struggles. While his disability has impacted him socially, his love of music and ability to reproduce songs is amazing.

Songs Can Help Deficit Areas
My son was my first social-skills student. As I began to write songs that would help speak to his deficit areas, the songs began to write themselves into the scripts of his life and have helped him begin to overcome inherent obstacles relative to his autism.

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