Monday, March 18, 2013

Kenston teacher's 'reverse inclusion' club brings typical students into special needs classes

BAINBRIDGE - A Kenston High School teacher has designed a popular school club and class that has turned out to be anything but typical.

It began last school year when special education teacher Amanda Englehart began the Creating Exceptional Character club, a local chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children, a national organization devoted to special education. The club brought typical students into classrooms after school to work with students with special needs.

“It’s reverse inclusion,” Englehart said. “The common philosophy is for special education students to go into general education classes. This approach brings typical peers into my classroom setting.”

The club garnered a lot of attention from typical students, who, Englehart said, wanted to learn more about students with special needs. That led her to create an elective course offering for juniors and seniors that would follow a goal related to the club, which is to introduce the history and interaction of individuals with disabilities.

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