Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Special Education Advisor Newsletter


In this edition of the Special Education Advisor Newsletter you will find new articles on Self Calming Skills, Dyslexia and many more.

Teaching Self Calming Skills

"You need to calm down."

This is something I hear a lot in my work as a behavior specialist when a student starts to get agitated- answering rudely, refusing to work, making insulting comments or whining. A teacher might tell a child to "go sit in the beanbag chair and calm down" or simply "relax."

The problem is, many students don't know how to calm down. This is especially true for children who display chronic agitation or defiance.

When a child behaves inappropriately, I find that it's almost always due to an underdeveloped skill. If we don't explicitly teach the student this skill, their behavior is unlikely to change for the better.

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