Monday, November 19, 2012

Get To Know Your CAC Sub-Committees – P.A.C.E. Committee – An Interview with Julie Nibblett

What is the name of your CAC sub-committee?
Parent & Community Education Committee 

What is your sub-committee all about?
We assist in inservice activities and parent education as we encourage parent awareness by educating the community. We also gather information on programs in the community.

What is the goal of your sub-committee?
To help educate and provide resources for everyone in our community.

How does your sub-committee's work benefit special education students?
Through educating the community or providing resource information.

Any info on meetings?
We are currently working on a mini conference with a resource square about Parenting the Child with Special Needs with the help of the Mount Diablo Adult Education. We are also in the process of gathering pictures of every school in our district to be housed on the district web site for parents to down load so that they can make transition picture books for when their child transitions to a new school.

Are you looking for more participation?  How can one get involved?
We are always looking for more participation. There are several ways to get involved by attending the CAC meeting every first Tuesday of the month from 7pm to 9:15pm at the Dent Center. Or, attend the Mini Conference on Saturday February 23rd by registering through the Mount Diablo Adult Education, the contact number is (925) 685-7340, ext. 2771.

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