Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get To Know Your CAC Sub-Committees - An Interview with Denise Lambert

What is the Name of your CAC Sub-Committee?

I am the chairperson of the CAC Legislative Committee

What is your committee all about? 

Our committee follows and tracks bills that are of interest to the SELPA.  We receive an updated list each month compiled by the SELPA.  We follow, observe the changes that happen with each bill and report to the CAC and Board of Education in regards to those changes.  We also write to our assembly members and senators regarding the CAC’s position on the bills that we wish to support or oppose.. 

We attend the Legislative Sharing Day in at the Capitol where our mission is to meet with the Contra Costa County legislators.  We collaborate with our San Ramon and West Contra Costa County counterparts to advocate for our special need students.

We attend events where our legislators speak and participate in as many forums as we can.

What is the goal of your committee?

Our goal is to educate the legislators and the community on how each related bill and law affects special education, our students with special needs and their families.

How does your committee work benefit special education students?

We provide a voice at the State (and eventually, the Federal) level for our special needs students. 

Are you looking for more participation?  How can I be involved?

We are always looking for more members!  If you are interested in being involved, please attend a CAC meeting.  I can also be reached at
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