Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get To Know Your CAC Committees - QIAT Committee – An Interview with Christian R. Patz, Ed.D.

What is the name of your committee?
QIAT-Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology

What is your committee all about?
The QIAT Committee is made up of interested parents/guardians, school and district staff that want to improve AT for students in our District.

What is the goal of your committee?
Consideration of the need for AT devices and services is an integral part of the educational process contained in IDEA 2004 for referral, evaluation, and IEP development. The goal of the QIAT committee is to identify the district use of AT and recommend strategies to insure that is happening.

How does your committee's work benefit special education students?
Consideration of assistive technology need is required by IDEA 2004 and is based on the unique educational needs of the student. IEP team members combine their knowledge and skills to determine if assistive technology devices and services are needed to remove barriers to student performance. When the assistive technology needs are beyond the knowledge and scope of the IEP team, additional resources and support are sought. The QIAT committee makes sure those supports are in place.

Any info on meetings?
Meetings are held on a monthly basis. The meeting schedule is usually set around parent schedules.

Are you looking for more participation?  How can one get involved?
We always welcome and encourage parent participation. The meeting times are listed on the blog or interested parents can email Christian Patz (

Christian R. Patz, Ed.D.
Administrator for Related Services
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