Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once Banned, Special Needs App To Return

A months-long legal battle over an iPad app designed to give voice to nonverbal individuals with disabilities is nearing an end.
Earlier this year, assistive technology maker Prentke Romich Company sued the creators of a text-to-speech app called Speak for Yourself alleging that the product violated patents held by the company and Semantic Compaction Systems. The legal action led Apple to pull the app from its store.
The app’s creators defended their product calling the allegations “baseless” and a group of parents came to their aid, criticizing Prentke Romich for threatening access to a tool that they said offered their children with disabilities a voice. Ultimately, three families of individuals using Speak for Yourself moved to intervene in the court case and a parent-led online petition urging the return of the app garnered nearly 5,500 signatures.
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