Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Offers Yardstick for Evaluating Speech-Language Pathologists

With value-added assessments for teachers growing more popular among states and local districts, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association decided it was time to create new accountability measures for speech-language pathologists.
The Performance Assessment of Contributions and Effectiveness, or PACE, has been designed to "more accurately reflect" the speech-language pathologist's role in furthering a child's academic success, according to a press release from the association yesterday.
The measure consists of a portfolio review, self-reports, and on-site classroom observation. The PACE matrix focuses on demonstrated knowledge of subject area and ability to provide appropriate services compliant with state and federal regulations. It also looks for collaboration with teachers and family, as well as efforts to seek out sufficient professional development opportunities. Studentparent, and teacher checklists are also included on the PACE webpage for school administrators' use. The ASHA says states and local districts can use all or part of the entire document in the development of their own measures for speech-language pathologists.
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