Sunday, October 7, 2012

CAC Mtg Discussion on FCMAT Transportation Report

FYI below is the email I sent to the board members on Thursday on behalf of the CAC.  I also cc Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Browne, Mr. Rolen and Dr. Patton.
Board Members (cc Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Browne, Mr. Rolen, Dr. Patton),
FYI, I am attaching two files from our CAC meeting held on Tuesday evening.  Both Ms. Dennler and Mr. Eberhart were not able to attend so Ms. Whitmarsh, who participated in the candidates forum, offered to stay - thank you Sherry.
The two files I am attaching for your information are in regards to the FCMAT Transportation Report Discussion.  The first is an update which I shared with the CAC group.  The second are notes our secretary recorded from the Q & A Discussion with Carolyn Patton.
Since the last board meeting, I have not heard anything from staff regarding our concerns or requested data; however, Carolyn did state at the CAC meeting that she is currently working on gathering data.  I hope to hear from staff soon with a plan to include parents in the discussion before any decisions are presented to the Board of Education. 
Thank you for your time.
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