Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BridgingApps - Bridging the gap between technology and people with disabilities

From BridgingApps

About Us
BridgingApps is a volunteer community of parents, therapists, doctors, and teachers who share information on how we are using the iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android® devices with people who have special needs. We have found these mobile devices to provide accessibility for people who may have been previously disengaged from the world because of challenging language, motor, or other developmental delays. Given the rising number of apps on the market and the diverse skills of children and adults with special needs, parents have found each other to be one of the best resources for choosing apps to enhance everyday life for our children of all ages. While our group is primarily parent-driven, our efforts are naturally collaborative with the people who help people with disabilities develop particular skills — therapists and educators.

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