Thursday, September 13, 2012

Using technology to keep track if our child's school work

By Dennise Goldberg from Special Education Advisor

As most of you know, our son entered middle school this year.  For the typically developing student, it can be a difficult transition; but for the student with disabilities, it’s much harder to make the transition from elementary to middle school student.  In some school districts, middle school begins in 7th grade but ours begins in 6th grade.  I myself began middle school in 5th grade and would NOT recommend it because I was not ready yet!  Not only do you have to change classrooms every hour but you have to allow time to run to your locker as well.  Let’s not forget changing for P.E. on a daily basis; thank goodness our son’s P.E. class is 6th period.  Like many of you parents, we we’re very concerned about how our son would be able to function in his new environment and be able to access the curriculum successfully; well thankfully there is technology that helps parents keep track of their child’s school work on a daily basis.

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