Friday, September 21, 2012

Decades-Old Suit Over Special Education Services in Baltimore Comes to a Close

A nearly 30-year-old lawsuit over special education services in Baltimore has finally been settled.
Vaughn G., et al., v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, was filed by the Maryland Disability Law Center as a way to address delayed evaluations for students with disabilities, a violation of the federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.
The 84,000-student district agreed, in 1984, to find ways to eliminate the delays in evaluation and improve special education overall. But for years, the district failed to meet any of the deadlines agreed to in the original consent decree. Several additional agreements between the district and the lawyers representing students with disabilities attempted to resolve the deep-rooted problems, with little success.
But in March 2010, Baltimore entered into a settlement agreement in the lawsuit, which the district called a probationary period. The city had to continue providing special-needs students with services, give them support in obtaining a regular education, and work to reduce the numbers that are suspended each year during that time. "The probationary period is now over," the district said in a written statement today. The case "is officially closed."
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