Friday, September 21, 2012

Collaboration To Promote Self Determination (CPSD) report

The Collaboration to Promote Self Determination (CPSD) is a coalition of national
organizations that advocates for innovative public policy reform focused on promoting
the effective transition of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities into
adulthood by preparing them to pursue and obtain optimal outcomes in the areas of
employment, economic advancement, and independent living. Based on extensive
research and data, we strongly believe that all students with disabilities, including those
with intellectual and developmental disabilities, should have access to the grade-level
general education curriculum, attain the academic standards set forth by states and
participate in fully inclusive general education classrooms and other school settings.
CPSD also believes strongly that public policies should promote students with disabilities
as part of the general education population and not as a segregated subpopulation.  

See the CPSD ALL KIDS COUNT, September 2012 report HERE.
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