Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sample Accommodations for Anxious Kids

While each child is different, the following compilation includes commonly implemented interventions for anxious children. These items may serve as a starting point for families who are looking for specific suggestions for problem areas, or for parents who are just learning of the types of issues that their anxious child may be contending with.
Classroom environmentAnxious children perform best in a calm, supportive, but organized classroom. Because change and uncertainty can be unsettling, a structured classroom, calmly disciplined will let children feel safe and know what to expect. An ideal situation is a teacher who maintains authority positively, using reason and respect rather than fear for punishment.
  • Seating within classroomAnxious children often struggle with the unlikely fear that they will get in trouble, seating away from more rambunctious classmates will be less distracting, and may help them focus on their work rather than feeling responsible for the class.
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