Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Autism and the media: loose lips that sink ships

From Laura Shumaker, Writer and Autism Advocate's, SF Gate article:
My son Matthew was home over the weekend, and I did everything in my power not only to protect him from the 24 hour news coverage of the horrible massacre in Colorado, but to make sure he was closely supervised at all times. Even with all the work I have done to increase autism awareness and acceptance, people still are uncomfortable with his social quirks, and are hyper-anxious around him after events like the one in Aurora. And who could blame them?
It was a long and emotionally draining weekend.

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Really Joe?
I don’t think that Mr. Scarborough meant to imply that all murderers are on the autism, spectrum, but he did, and he shouldn’t have, so he should RETRACT, with a sincere apology. Unfortunately comments like his are twisted and turned and float around forever from other loose lips.
Read Laura's article at SFGATE HERE.
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