Sunday, June 10, 2012

Would Romney Voucher Plan Equalize Special Ed. Opportunities?

By Nirvi Shah from On Special Education

If Mitt Romney's proposed voucher plan for students with disabilities is ever enacted, would it be the great equalizer between low-income parents of children with special needs and their respective wealthy counterparts?

Yes, according to this guest blog post from The Atlantic.

The author, Dr. Manhattan (presumably not his real name, and the only identification the blog provides), a lawyer in New York City who represents, among others, clients in the investment management industry, notes that the way the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act works now, there's already a system of vouchers built in:
Schools that believe they can't provide the right educational services and environment a student needs can choose to send that student to a private school, at the public school's expense. It's called private placement.

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