Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FREE Shared Adventures' Day on the Beach!

Online registration for the 20th annual Shared Adventures' Day on the Beach in Santa Cruz, California is now OPEN!!!

Saturday July 21, 2012 will mark the Twentieth Anniversary of this world famous beach part designed specifically for persons with disabilities and their family and friends!  We hope you can join us for the festivities!

* Who: We expect up to 2000 people to attend this long running, world famous beach party and adventures activities extravaganza for persons with disabilities, and their caregivers/friends/loved ones.

* What:  The world's biggest FREE beach party for persons with disabilities & their guests.  8000 sq foot wheelchair-accessible platform on the beach, several awesome live bands, kayaking/outrigger canoe/snorkeling/scuba/beach wheelchairs, FREE FOOD, sandcastles, entertainers, you name it, we're doing it, for the 20th consecutive year!!!  150 persons with disabilities get to participate in adventures sports in the Pacific.

* When: Saturday July 21, 2012, noon-5pm.

* Where: Santa Cruz, California, Cowell's Beach (next to the Santa Cruz wharf)

* Why: To celebrate LIFE!  And to party on the beach with all our friends!  And to try

If you have a disability, or if you know of someone who does, if you/they want to register for activities in the Ocean off Cowell's Beach, you MUST SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY!  ACTIVITIES WILL FILL UP WITHIN A COUPLE OF DAYS THIS YEAR, so don't delay: register now!  Activities include kayaking, outrigger canoeing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, or beach wheelchair rides.  (Max one activity per guest with a disability.)

OR if you just want to come and hang out at the FREE BEACH PARTY, sign up online for the free party too, so we know you're coing.

OR if you can VOLUNTEER in any capacity, we need 300-400 volunteers to pull off the massive event!  If you can volunteer, please sign up online to volunteer and we'll find you an awesomely fun volunteer task!

Please spread the word that activities will fill up within a couple of days and to sign up for activities immediately!  The more the merrier, but we will fill up soon this year, so don't delay signing up!
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