Sunday, June 10, 2012

Autistic Home Decorating: Make your home autism friendly

By Karen Wang from Friendship Circle Blog

You know you’ve entered an autism-friendly home when….

  • The toilet paper is not where you expected it to be, and the paper towels are locked up.
  • There’s a swing in the middle of the living room, and instead of chairs or a sofa, there are piles of pillows everywhere.
  • Instead of family photos, there are pictures of mathematical equations on the wall.
  • One room is all white or all beige, and another room is filled with bright, mismatched colors and artwork.
  • The bedroom has wall-to-wall mattresses with lots of body pillows and no bedframes.
  • A wide range of art supplies, children’s books, musical instruments and educational toys are packed onto open shelving in every available space, making it difficult to walk through the home.
  • Everything is labeled with a word and a picture.
  • There are rules and instructions posted in the bathroom, dining room and closet.
  • There’s a separate room just for the Legos and marble runs.
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