Tuesday, May 8, 2012

9 May Marks The First Global Accessibility Awareness Day

From Media Access Australia

What started as a simple blog post calling for developers to raise awareness about the importance of creating accessible websites for people with a disability, has turned into the first ever Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). A community of web professionals has formed to take part in raising awareness of the importance of making the web usable for everyone, regardless of ability.

In November last year, California-based web developer, Joe Devon, suggested on his blog that a Global Accessibility Day be launched. His readers were quick to support the cause, organising events and activities around the world.

To raise awareness organisations and groups are asked to take one hour to either test the accessibility of a nominated website or experience the web as a person with a disability does. Participating organisations are then asked to blog or use social media to share the experience, answering the following questions:

What surprised you the most?
What difficulties did you encounter?
What did you learn?

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