Monday, April 9, 2012

Boy Scout troop leaders inspire special ed kids by teaching leadership and outdoor scouting skills

By Theresa Harrington from the Contra Costa Times

CONCORD -- After learning to tie timber hitch knots, teens in Boy Scout Troop 1994 linked themselves together with ropes, creating a giant web that moved as one, carefully maneuvering under another rope strung between two flagpoles. Emerging victorious on the other side, they cheered for one another and proudly looked up to Scoutmaster David Rowntree and his wife, Sheila -- who is an assistant scoutmaster -- to bask in their warm congratulations.

In folksy Texas twangs, the Rowntrees warned the boys that the activity may be timed, so they might have to speed up a bit. Undaunted, the teens -- who all have special needs -- chattered happily about the adventures they would share.

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