Friday, February 3, 2012

CVHSC Will Provide Special Ed Services

Clayton Valley High School Charter Will Provide Special Education Services
Unfortunately there are rumors from staff currently at Clayton Valley High School stating the new Charter will not be providing special education services. This is not true. If there are students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans and the students reside in the attendance area of the CVHS Charter, the Charter cannot refuse to provide services for the students. In the Charter petition it also states that students currently attending Clayton Valley High School may also continue at the Charter.

So if you have a student currently attending Clayton Valley or your student resides in the Clayton Valley High School attendance area, they may continue to receive their special ed. services when the school becomes a Charter next year. Options will be through an MOU with the El Dorado SELPA, County Office of Education or the Mt. Diablo School District. Whichever MOU is decided, Pat Middendorf, Co-lead Petitioner and Charter Board President, has continued to verbally state that special ed. services will improve under the Charter School.

Hopefully the Charter Board will make their decision soon so parents will be informed.

Lorrie Davis
CAC Chairperson
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