Thursday, December 1, 2011

Community Spot Light-All in Need, Family Support

What does your organization do for children of special needs?
All in Need, Family Support (AiN) provides support to families with children, ages 18 and under, that have special needs in the East Bay Area. By offering respite care in a nurturing and learning environment; promoting social interactions, gross and fine motor activities all in a sensory based atmosphere. We have several programs to support families: a three hour respite care program, social groups, local partnerships, and family events.

How can a person access your services (i.e. fees, application process, eligibility, ages, etc.)?
You can visit our temporary site at to download registration forms and contact AiN directly by emailing to be put on the mailing list. AiN does ask for registration form along with the cover page of your child’s IEP or 504, or a doctor’s letter with diagnoses before attending events. All in Need, Family Support would like to support everyone, but we may have to turn away some children due to safety of other children and staff

How does your program support social interaction among all children, typically developing and with special needs?
AiN supports social interaction among all children by having both children with special needs and their siblings interacting and participating in the respite event. We also have social groups where children with special needs has the opportunity to participate in age appropriate activities within the community. Some of these activities may be: bowling, miniature golfing, or eating out.

Can you tell us what events/activities are happening this year? Dates?
Throughout the year we offer respite and social groups. Social Groups are usually the first 1st Saturday of the month and the third Thursday of the month. For more information please make sure you are put on the’s email list. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Any suggestions for other community supports for parents to check out?
AiN suggests several community supports for families of all ages: GOALS for Autism, Dandelion Magazine, Buddy Play.

What have you found most rewarding working with (name of org)? AiN was designed to support families within our community, but really I think it comforts me more then anyone else. Knowing my families’ struggles turned into something positive and now we are able to support other families has been the most rewarding benefit of AiN. I cannot help but be thrilled running into the children I work with within the community and receiving hugs.

What is your favorite activity?
My personal favorite activity is playing in Jello, pudding, hunting through Fall leaves, or looking for seashells in the sand!
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