Monday, June 27, 2011

Water & Rainbow Color Xylophone Activity

Water and Rainbow Colors Xylophone An oldie with a twist!
Many of you are probably familiar with the water xylophone in elementary school. This one has one additional element: color mixing
1. You need six to eight glasses or glass jars (I use jam/jelly jars) the same size.
2. Line them up next to each other but not touching. Gradually add water to each jar from a little to the last one close to the rim.
3. Add a bit of tempera paint or food coloring showing children how mixing the primary colors will yield the secondary color - start with red, then mix red and yellow to get orange, the third glass is yellow, and so forth in the same order of the rainbow.
4. To keep the glasses steady make a base with play dough and press the glass on the base.
5. Give children new pencils or regular metal spoons and have them tap the glasses to hear the different sounds that are produced. The glasses with more water will produce a lower pitch sound, and those with less water will produce a higher pitch sound.
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