Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joey Travolta's Summer Inclusion Film Camp

from Futures Explored, INC.

The Joey Travolta summer film camp is designed to address social cognitive communication and interpersonal skills of individuals diagnosed with high functioning autism or asperger’s syndrome. The camp offers ASD campers the educational opportunity to learn the process of making a short film [while divided into two age groups ranging from 9-14 and 15-22] under the guidance and instruction of Joey Travolta and his professional teaching and film crew, while working alongside their typically developing peers. Campers are taken through a step by step process of making a film learning the following skills: pre/post production, acting, directing, editing, technical support, and camera filming. Finally, campers will develop their own “group” short film, while following the standards used in the professional filmmaking industry. This is truly a unique opportunity for campers to learn socially and experientially, while developing actual skills used in filmmaking.

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