Thursday, October 28, 2010

HALLOWEEN: Trick-or-Treat Tips

By Jackie Burrell from aPARENTly Speaking

We usually roll our eyes over press releases with healthy Halloween suggestions – handing out raisins doesn’t exactly encourage neighborhood jollity, after all. But these tips from the “Got Milk?” folks are actually kinda useful. And the notion that a jack-o’lantern bucket of candy holds 9,000 calories is downright terrifying. So here you go:

We all know the part about serving a healthy pre-trick-or-treat dinner, but the milk people suggest families add a few extra laps to the neighborhood trick-or-treat trek too, not so you can hit more houses but so there’s at least a little extra exercise involved in the activity. Back home, serve up some hot cocoa, chocolate milk or other somewhat healthy, fill-up-the-belly beverage, before the candy consumption begins. Then set limits on how much candy they can consume, help them pick out the pieces they want, and get rid of the rest.

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