Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Governor Signs into Law Spectrum Center Student

Written by Catherine Lindsey Program Director, Spectrum- Ygnacio Valley High School

Governor Signs Into Law Spectrum Center Student-Sponsored Bill Providing Equal Access to Technology-Based Learning Materials.

We are always proud of our Spectrum Center students and we are especially excited to announce that legislation created and sponsored by Spectrum students has been signed into law.

The “Spectrum Law,” AB 1742, provides all California students with special needs equal access to technology-based learning materials in the classroom. The Spectrum students developed the idea for the bill after they visited the state capitol. Their idea grew into formal legislation that Spectrum Center students in classrooms throughout the state decided to introduce and support.

Spectrum Center students worked alongside Assembly Member Joe Coto (San Jose), who authored AB 1742. The students personally advocated for the bill in both houses of the Legislature, meeting with key staff and Members of the Education committee, writing letters and creating videos to express their support and describe the personal impact this bill will have on their lives.

While the Spectrum Center students led the effort, the bill was supported by other statewide organizations, including the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The bill passed with overwhelming support from Legislators of both parties and was signed into law by the Governor on Aug. 17.
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