Monday, January 11, 2010

BOE Meeting at Monte Gardens

Tuesday's (January 12) Board of Education Meeting will be held at Monte Gardens Elementary School in the Multi Purpose Room. The meeting starts at 7:30pm. On the agenda is the district's Race to the Top Application, spring funding for high school athletics and budget cuts. The board needs to cut $17 million dollars over three years from the budget due to the California budget crisis and MDUSD declining enrollment. The board will start acting on the list of proposed cuts on Tuesday night. There will be an opportunity for public input. Proposed cuts include:

- All Special Education Services not mandated by federal of state law or IEP - 2 million dollars (the reductions should be based on the MGT Special Education Study recommendations which should be available in February.)
- School Closures ($1.5 million)
- Reduce 4 middle and high school and 3.6 elementary school librarians.
- Reduce 2.43 elementary vocal music teachers.
- Transferring $2 million from categorical Tier 3 programs, such as adult education, to the general fund.
- Reduce AP and low enrollment courses by requiring a minimum of 28 students.
- Parent Subsidized Busing (this does not include busing specified in IEP.)
-Eliminate the Textbook and Instructional Materials Coordinator
-Negotiate staff furloughs, salary reductions and/or health care and retirement benefits

View the updated budget reduction list HERE.
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