Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Shopping

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to all. This time of year is of a year is both busy and stressful but in the end in I believe its worth it all when you wake up Christmas morning and look at your children's faces and see the joy . I am a parent of a special needs child and three other children and when its time to go shopping it is always more difficult for me to find toys and gifts for my special needs child. Over the past few years I have learned that it is helpful to first go and talk to my child's teacher and and ask her what he is interested in and playing with at school. I also talk with his Occupational Therapist and his Physical Therapist for ideas on anything I could get him that he likes and also would help him. Here is a a couple of sites where you can find toys for special needs kids:

ToysRUs Differently Abled List and the American Association for the Blind

Good luck and I hope you find this helpful Dorothy Weisenberger
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