Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Resources

The holiday season can sometimes be challenging for our kids: there are lots of changes in routine and excitement, many surprises and dietary changes. Here are some resources to help them through the season. If you have any great tips or links, please share them in the comment section. Subscribers can comment by clicking on the title of the post, that will take you back to the blog. The comment section is at the bottom.

Christmas PECS and HERE.

Picture instructions for making Reindeer Food, Cornflake wreath, reindeer cookies, rice krispie snowman

Handling Family and Social Gatherings with an Autistic Child

Holiday Gatherings

Holiday Shopping Tips

Bag of tricks: the (special needs) holiday survival edition

Holiday Cookies for Restricted Diets

Making Family Gatherings Good not Ghastly

Before you throw a holiday party

One Place for Special Needs Holiday Toolkit
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