Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tips from a student

Hi, I’m Anya Grosskopf. You probably heard that if you’re going into 1st-4th grade, you’re going to have 30 kids or more, instead of the usual 20 (if you’re going to 1st-3rd). Well, I just finished fourth grade, and if you need some, here are a few tips for surviving in the 30’s:

  • Be organized. Your teacher won’t be able to help you. For 4th graders, it might help if you get a binder and (If your teacher doesn’t hand you out one) a planner.

  • For 1st-3rd graders, paying attention would be good enough. It’ll help you get 3’s and 4’s on your report card. For example, read what your teacher writes on the board, an listen to him/her talking (try to think of others).

  • The higher the grade, the stricter the teacher, sometimes. If that’s true for you, listen carefully. The teacher will like it.

  • (Note: This is from my How to Survive Your Teacher article) DO NOT FALL BEHIND!!! If you finished all your work and you have free time, take a book out. It’s probably the best way not to disturb your classmates.

There. Those are a few ways to survive the 30’s. If those don’t work out for you, try to think of some other ways. Thanks!

Anya G. :)

Coming up on Tuesday: Tips for Teachers!
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