Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tips for including the child with special needs

I believe that all of my students have "special needs." They each deserve a teacher who will love, respect and understand them as individuals, help them feel and be included. I will be their partner in helping them to meet with success socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. These are their basic needs. These are their basic rights.
Alice C Mendoza, from "A Classroom where all students are learning"

1. Establish a classroom community, a safe place, where students can take risks and grow.

2. Talk to the special education team and parents so that you can understand the student's special needs and how to accommodate them.

3. Establish routines so the students have predictability.

4. Allow the student time to adjust to the class.

5. Use multi modalities in your teaching, use oral, written and visual instructions.

6. Use specialised teaching materials, such as picture schedules or assistive technology when necessary.

7. Don't expect perfection - doing your best is quality.

8. Acknowledge and reward appropriate behavior and success.

9. Ask for help - touch base with the IEP team on an ongoing basis, collaboration is the cornerstone of an effective inclusion program.

10. A sense of humor lightens most situations.

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